EST. 2016

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Interiors that resonate.
Design that empowers.

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Where design is crafted to integrate the needs of the mind, body, & soul

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There was a time when the house I lived in was just that, a roof over my head. I didn't feel connected to it, and when I reflect on that, I realize that sentiment spilt over into many areas of my life. Home was a place I felt lost, frustrated, powerless... If you have ever felt the least bit lacklustre about your home or all out frustrated when in your space, then you too have experienced first-hand how our home environment can affect us in not so positive ways. I have made it my life's work to turn that negative into a positive , in my own life and in the lives of others. Together we can harness the power of your home and use it to propel you towards your vision of greatness, your version of wellness. Shall we?

LaToya roux

"Create space, in your life in your home, that allows you to be exactly who you are."


"Style is simply a way for you
to say who you are without having
to say a word"